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Online cloud storage is a simple idea that can make storing and accessing your important files, photos, music and documents a breeze.
                                                         Storing the data in clouds

Storing the data in clouds,it can be done in two ways .They are:-
1)Most cloud storage services use sync folders that you can set up on each computer or laptop you use. When you drag a file into the sync folder on one PC, it will automatically appear in your sync folder on another one. In the above figure we can see the sync folders i.e, google drive and media fire folders 
2)Storing from any computer by logging into your cloud account.Uploading stuff
from the pc

                                                Retrieving the data from cloud storage
The data from cloud storage can retrieve to any device like mobile or smart phone ,tablet and pc.

 Different companies providing the cloud storage
There are  many cloud storage companies are present .They are

These are the  companies providing the cloud storage .Companies providing free space from 10GB to 60GB . Different companies provide different free space i.e,they will be vary from 10GB to 60 GB.
                                  Cloud storage gives storage of files, photos ,videos and documents

                             Editing files ,videos ,photos and documents through online cloud storage
Every cloud storage provides different types of options  for  editing files,videos,photos and documents.we
can  edit an document online in the cloud without having to download it back to your PC.i will take few
examples of options that are implement by different companies to edit the stuff present in the clouds.

1)microsoft skydrive lets you open documents for editing through its word and excel web browser apps.

2) Google Drive uses different types of apps for editing the stuff.
                       Sharing files,videos,photos and documents through online cloud storage

we can share any stuff present in cloud storage  to any other person.we can give access level to the shared
link .There three types of access levels
1)public on the web that is any one on the web can find and access.
2)Anyone with the link  any one who has the link can access.
3)specific people shared with specific people.
1)Microsoft SkyDrive lets you open documents for editing through its Word and Excel web browser apps.

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