Friday, May 2, 2014


There are different types of genres of books are present .I collected these different types of genres
along with e-books.For each type of genre i collect one e-book.By this post you can know how many
different types of genres present in the world.Most of the books in world fall in this genres.There may  be
genres i didn't cover,but i almost covered all  types of genres.If extra genres are found then i will update it.
         GENRE TYPE                                     E-BOOKS
  1. Action and Adventure           Action and Adventure Books     
  2. Business                               Business Book
  3. Children                            Children Book
  4. Classic                                 Classic book
  5. Comic                                  comic book   
  6. Computer and Internet        Computer and Internet Book
  7. Contemporary Literature      Contemporary Literature Book
  8. Crime,Thriller,Mystery         Crime,Thriller,Mystery Books
  9. Crime and Punishment          Crime and Punishment Book
  10. Fantasy                               Fantasy Book
  11. Funny and Humorous          Funny and Humorous Book
  12. Historical Fiction                  Historical Fiction Book
  13. History                               History Book
  14. Horror and supernatural       Horror and supernatural Book
  15. Memoir                              Memoir Book
  16. Biography                           Biography Book
  17. Auto biography                 Auto biography Book
  18. philosophy                          philosophy Book
  19. psychology                          psychology Book
  20. Poetry                               Poetry Book
  21. Politics and Public affairs   Politics and Public affairs Book
  22. Romance                         Romance Book
  23. Science Fiction                  Science Fiction Book
  24. spiritual                            spiritual Book
  25. Travel Guide                    Travel Guide Book
  26. Fashion                             fashion book

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