Monday, May 5, 2014


Thinking:Thinking is the process of creating myriad of thoughts at the same time.This process should be controlled by the brain.This is the intentional operation with visual images in our imagination.In this case,reproductive imaginations are used automatically to transform words into images.Thinking can be intentional-a person consciously performs operations with visual images.Thinking can also be unintentional-images appear randomly in the imagination under the influence of different stimuli.

Representation:representation is the process of showing images on our mental screen.Representation should be done in a unique way.there are some rules for making images on our mental screen.First,we can describe rules here.
1.images should be larger because larger the size the more stronger is our imagination is .
2.Images should be very ridiculous ,absurd and illogical.
3.images should be colorful and bright.
4.there should be the motion in the images like animations.
This process makes our perception.Due to this power ,we are able to recognize letter 't' in different forms .we are able to recognize camels in different color,size and angle.
This disorder in the representation process is a serious pathology.such patients lose the ability to perceive.In other words ,they can memorize intentionally and learn things.

Feeling:This is the process,in which our five sense organs convert external stimuli into electric impulses.These electric impulses flow in our nerve cell fibers.In disorder our eyesight,hearing,touching and smelling lead to loss of information in our brain.

Imagination:Imagination is the process of creating mental pictures on the mental screen.To learn to imagine we have to put the representation in imagination.say for example,we have to imagine a picture of an elephant.Now by thinking process we can alter this image .we can see this image in different colors,sizes and angles .if we have disorder in thinking ,understanding and representation,this will cause disorder in our 
imagination process,our ability to recall and our ability to memorize.

Sense of memorization:In the process of memorization,our brain can memorize information in pairs only .Say for example,someone asks to memorize this date august 5,2014 this is the illogical for us to memorize.This date should be associated with any name.Only then,we can memorize this date of the particular name.This is all due to because our brain memorizes only connections and for connecting ,we need two elements of the information.

There are some principles of remembering or memorizing .
1.It is very important that you have an interest in what you learn. attention or you won't learn anything!
3.Organize the information.
4.practice what you have learned and organized.

There are 4 ancient memory techniques of Indian.They are most successful methods for memorizing.The 4 methods will be discussed on next coming posts.The pink and Red color texts are very important to implement the upcoming methods.

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