Sunday, July 20, 2014


Tattoos are permanent .
The history of tattoo began over 5000 years ago and it is diverse as the people who wear them.Different
countries have different styles and designs of tattoos.
In Polynesian the word 'ta' means 'striking something'.In Tahitian the word 'tatau' means 'to mark something'.
By combining 'ta' and 'tatau' it gives 'tattoo' which means 'striking and marking something'.
There are different types of styles of tattoos are present like abstract ,Asian ,black and gray,Celtic etc.
The tattoo contains subjects like animals ,humans,gods,flowers,symbols,devils,cartoon and many more.In future it can include lot of subjects and also mixed subjects.
Most of the tattoos are present in black color.On the other hand there will be single color or mixed colors tattoos.
Reasons for people tattooed:
1)Some people to show their love on others they get tattooed.
2)Some people for showing their style they get tattooed.
3)Some people for money also they get tattooed i.e., some people sell their bodies for advertising.
4) Some people get tattooed to care their scar tissue.Some handicapped people also get tattooed.

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