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Algorithm: - A stepwise procedure to solve a problem written in any language.
Program:-A stepwise procedure to solve a problem written in a Programming Language.
Three stages of solving the problems.
1)The selection of an appropriate mathematical model (including data structures).
2)The formulation of algorithms based on the choice made in stage1.
3)The design of  storage structure for the data structures obtained in stage1

Data structure: - The possible ways in which the data items or atoms are legally related define different data structures.
                          “Group of data items or atoms with some logical relationship on which some set of operations can be performed is called as a data structure”.

Linear Data Structure: - A data structure with adjacency relationship among the data items or atoms called as a linear data structure.
                     Ex: lists, stacks, queues.
Non-Linear Data Structure: - It is a data structure in which there is no adjacency relationship among the data items or atoms.

                      Ex: Trees, graphs.
Storage Structure: - The representation of a particular data structure in the memory of a computer is called a storage structure.

                     Ex: array rep., linked list rep.

we can find the details of these linear data structures,non-linear data structures ,Storage structures as well as we can see in depth explanation for each  data structures in the below link


The content  present in this link will help a lot to understand
data structures concepts in very easy manner. Download the material and start practice.

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